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XtalPi Closes $46M Series B-1

XtalPi One BroadwayCambridge, MA 02142617-717-9867 Key contact Name Title Shuhao Wen Co-Founder CAMBRIDGE, MA, XtalPi announced a Series B-1 extension financing of $46 million. XtalPi Inc., a computation-driven biotech startup integrating quantum physics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing to empower pharmaceutical research, today announced a Series B-1 extension financing of $46 million to support […]

LiveSafe Grabs $11M Series B-1 Extension

LiveSafe 1400 Key BoulevardA-level, Suite 4Arlington, VA Key contact Name Title Jenny Abramson CEO NEW YORK, NY, LiveSafe announced today it has secured $11 million in a Series B-1 extension. LiveSafe, the leader in helping organizations reduce operational risk by enabling them to prevent serious safety and security incidents using early warning insights from […]