Braintrust Grabs $18M


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Braintrust today announced a $18 million Strategic Growth Round.
Braintrust, a global network of highly-skilled technical and design talent, today announced a $18 million Strategic Growth Round, just three months after emerging from stealth in June. The company, which attained profitability on its Seed Round, has doubled its financial projections from early in the year, and seen 45-70% month-over-month growth since its public launch. Led by VC firms ACME and Blockchange Ventures and joined by new investors Omidyar Technology Ventures, Pantera, Multicoin, Hashkey and Variant, the round is intended to further accelerate the marketplace's rapid growth.

Braintrust's mission is to disrupt traditional hiring methods, reclaiming the value lost and realigning incentives for both talent and organizations, and allowing that value to return to the creators. Braintrust is expected to be the first user-controlled talent network that provides enterprises with highly skilled technical and design talent that they need. Braintrust's unique network model allows talent to retain 100% of their market rate, and enables organizations to spin up flexible teams and make their budgets go 2-3x further by cutting out the middlemen. This new network model of minimizing fees and giving value to the users instead of maximizing fees and concentrating value at the top is uniquely enabled by a blockchain token.


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