Liteboxer Raises $20M in Series A Funding

USA – LiteBoxer, a Boston MA-based company which specializes in at-home fitness, raised $20M in Series A funding.

The round was led by Nimble Ventures, with participation from B. Riley Venture Capital and returning investments from Raptor Group and Will Ventures and Timbaland.The funding will be use to create an immersive at-home workouts by combining fitness and gaming.Launched in 2020, Liteboxer is an at-home fitness company that combines patented hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training to create immersive workouts. Created by Spark Capital Co-Founder Todd Dagres and MIT-trained engineer Jeff Morin, Liteboxer’s at-home boxing platform provides high-intensity training sessions that create a mind-body connection so that time melts away—all while building cardio, strength, and mental acuity. Liteboxer crafts beat-driven punch tracks that sync up with hit songs, enabling users to physically feel the music as they match their punches to the rhythm. Workouts, led by trainers including Anthony Crouchelli, are available on-demand through the Liteboxer App. Users can choose from dozens of different sparring exercises, along with functional strength training and recovery workouts, including yoga, to complement their training regime. Community members can also select Punch Tracks, where music automatically syncs with the workout to create a unique, uplifting fitness experience.09/06/2021Contact:
Catie Gehlert
[email protected]SOURCE Liteboxer