Drips Holdings Receives Financing From CIBC Innovation Banking

USA – CIBC Innovation Banking provided growth financing to Drips Holdings, an Akron, OH-based conversational outreach company.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.The company intends to use the funds to bolster product development and facilitate expansion into diverse industry verticals within U.S. markets.Led by CEO Aaron Christopher, Drips specializes in helping organizations master large-scale 1:1 conversations precisely during critical moments in the customer journey — whether it’s preventing service disruptions, averting coverage cancellations, or seizing timely opportunities. The system allows clients to integrate with most CRMs, marketing automation systems, dialers, and call center platforms. Since 2016, Drips’ compliance focused managed technology has been leveraged by organizations in highly regulated industries that require the delivery of sensitive data including healthcare payers and providers, insurance companies, financial services, higher education, and more.29/02/2024